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The greatest risk for exposure to COVID-19 is from fellow workers. Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to the seasonal flu and may include mild to moderate respiratory illness, fever, cough and shortness of breath. Workers who present symptoms, such as fever or difficulty breathing, should call their health care provider. Workers should stay home if they:

  • Are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

  • Have known exposure to a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19

  • Suspect they may be infected but don’t yet have symptoms (these workers should self-quarantine and seek testing)

Workers who experience these symptoms at work should report it immediately to a supervisor, be isolated from fellow workers and leave the site. Workers should follow a two-week quarantine after the onset of COVID-19 symptoms to prevent transmission of the virus to others. To limit the spread of the virus and its impact on daily operations, employers should consider available telework options for office staff.

Limpio is implementing daily wellness checks before workers access the project or jobsite. The methods include a questionnaire about potential symptoms and travel and/or a temperature check performed by a designated supervisor wearing the following PPE: an N95 respirator, protective clothing, disposable gloves and eye protection. If temperature checks are conducted, workers with a temperature of 100.4° should be sent home and referred to their health care provider for further instructions. Because a person infected with coronavirus can pass the virus to others without exhibiting symptoms, temperature checks alone may not be sufficient to limit the spread of the virus.

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